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If bad looks could kill, I'd definately be charged for genocide........

2004 Don¨t Fuck around with me Punk ! ! !

2004 - Oouuch, my feet hurt bending like this !

2004 This dog is way too proud to sit on the floor

2003 Starring at the sea with a gun in my hand

2004 Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, especialy stupid one

2004 You think I can be in a pensionair-boyband ?

2004 Yaka Unga Unga

2005 I can pick me boogers with me fingure

2004 Stubborn Little Shitter

2005 - If i could only shit that last piece out

2007 - I should cerainly sing better than that....

2008 - Always the patriot

2004 Holy shit, is that a library behind you ?

2004 My new passport photo

Hey this ain't a gay nightclub, put a shirt on !

2005 I look "a little" like a hi-teck guy

2004 Taking a break from Eurovision.

2004 WELCOME EUROPE - another damn party

2004 - Finally got my drivers licence !

2005 - lets see ya jump, dickjead !

2005 - On a beach on the Dnipor river, Kiev

2006 - Ich Haben Kaken In My Neuwe Lieder Housin

2007 - the glossy stare, panic % fear in my eyes

101 things to when do drunk on a train

2004 - Standing stupid in the park

2003 I believe in Miracles, where ya from ? Ya....

2004 Pretending to be Gentlemen at Erez's wedding

2004 (l-r) Roy, Ori, Ron, Eran, Ilya and Myself

2004 You put your left hand in, you put your.....

2004 Final dress rehearsals for Eurovision 2004

2004 - Yes, I feel asleep at the Eurovision Finals

The guard was an asshole - no photo on the stage

2006 Patriot supporting my country in Eurovision

When Finland wins Eurovision - you've seen it all

to commemerate something - Like me standing there

2008 Making a mess of the tapes at work

2006 - The most southern tip in Europe !

2006 Yaba Daba Doo

Maybe someday someone will study my fossils

Apologies to anyone who ever had to take a picture of me.