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Hi Everbody, welcome to the 'concept' challenged world of
Zohar Rashit.
site had not been updated since 2009

Very untypical macho-ist pose. (what a fag!)

Hi there, if you're a first time visiter, This is my first attempt for building an internet page, which in the past five years grew into my fan community. Here you can get to know me or see my new boxer shorts. Meet the unfortunate guys who admit to be my friends,There's a motion pictures page and also a complaint.bulliten to leave in fury, BUT the latest addition is undoubtably the biggest hit here and inflated my fan club :
"Simon Cawley, roll in your grave"
cause this is :
Dedicated to the world's worst Karaoke Show.....  If the "songs" aren't bad enough, here is my remake, singing my new pardoy lyrics to some of those awful tunes.
Could it get any worse ???
Well, yeah......
I also do all the backing vocals
This site comes with Audio Narration, so turn up the volume, but not too loud....  I can be really really really irritating at times !

CLICK HERE - for the same bullshit in hebrew !