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Yeah, I actually do have Friends !

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" Ooooh, I get by with a little help from my friends......"
(and some aren't even imaginary)

Sorry Boys, he´s strait - Sory girls, he´s married

1992 - I met Arie in the army, and he's been my best friend ever since.

Not quite the three stuges, but we do look funny

1992 - (l-r) Me, Moti & Gilad.
Good friends back then ,lost touch now.

2000 - Summer in Cyprus.
Arie & Me looking down on the Island up-side-down from a Sling-Shot 300ft above. (youtube)

Honey, I forgot to duck ! (two grown ups)

2001 - Arie bocomes a father and the pie was inevitable

Four pilots, can you spot which one is the faggot?

2003 -  What A Gang ! ! !
Dear friends and fellow pilots (l-r) :
Yisrael, Erez, Myself & Oron

Israeli Eurovision Fanclub in Istanbul

2004 - Ilya, Eran, me & Lidan
In Istanbul, I had to run after these crazy kids so they could have their pictures taken with every Eurovision particpants (and for some reason having a picture with me was less tempting)

I waved that flag during the live telecast 2004

2004 - An unofficial  Israeli Eurovision fanclub, I'm an honorary member. (Holding the USA flag)

We're on the Acropolis, does that make us Gods ?

2006 - Roy & myself
In Athens, taking a break from Eurovision hype

In Medvedev's Front Yard

2009 - I actually wanted a picture taken with Putin, but had to settle for these clowns instead

Taken on Mt Hermon in the Golan Heights

1994 - with Deon,
My best childhood friend
(haven't seen him 10 years)

Mine is the shortest of the M-16s

1995 - (l-r) Fabio, Ben and Myself.
Ben's good boy, but Fabio was a really bad influence on me. We did some really wierd (and illegal) shit together.

2004 My brother and his friend

2002 - My brother & his friend
Taken at Aphrodite Sanctuary in Cyprus

Yair, Arie myself and Michael

2001 - Arie becomes a father
His little gang IIn the hospital

Taken at Erez's wedding, where da hell is da beer?

2004 - (l-r) Me, Reuven, Amit
My two unfortunate bosses and fearless flight instructors. How da hell do they put up with it ?

NO ZOHAR, you can NOT be my backing singer !

2004 - Eurovision in Turkey.
Ok, she is not my friend, but I had to have my picture taken with the winner, she was amazing !

2005 Hmmm.....At the time he still had a boyfriend

2004 - Ilya and myself
In a moment when he is not trying to play the rightious judge.

I am 10 years older than all of them

Don't we all look silly with those Fan Tags on us?

2009 Found myself some new drinking Moscow.