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Puposly small to hide how ugly I really am !

(The reason there are no pictures of me as a teenager, is that I was so ugly, it is almost unforgivable)

You see why ain't got a driving licence ? (yet ! )

1995 - Sports Day at the base wouldn't be a sports day, had I not caused a pile up (which I didn't BTW)

We used to ride the arch up 'n down, up 'n down...

1994 - A View To A Kill
(otherwise known as Zowie's Got A Gun)

Scaring the Syrians away on the Golan Heights

All Work & No Brains makes Zohar a Very Dum Boy !

1998 - All a fagget really needs to have a good time in Tel Aviv is take his shirt off ( well, it would also help to be gay ! )

I always wanted to rub my ass in the American flag

2003 - "I pledge my penis to the flag of the United States of America......"

"Oh give us a break Zowie, you're not that smart"

2004 - Blond Again ? Funny the flash didn't brun

2005 Very Bad Sense in Fashion

2006 - I spy with my little eye

2006 - If I kiss you, will you become my prince ?

2006 Another topless day in the park

2008 - The Man & His Vision

Want me to hit you with my hammer ?

Where is ther some good pot when you need some

1992 - Holiday in Sinai, damn beduines. Where are they when you really need some good pot ?

Which part of the word "UP" do you not understand?

Sing A Song Amen.... on the other hand... DON'T !

1998 - I've been banned from singing in Karaoke clubs in Israel and Southern Cyprus.

Click Picture to see 30 sec  video

2000 - Summer in Cyprus.
Arie & Me looking down on the Island up-side-down from a Sling-Shot 300ft above.

I´ll Reach Out and Getcha Getcha Getcha Getcha

2003 - F I N A L L Y learned to use a digi-cam !

CLICK here to see another Karaoke contest with me

2003 - Eurovision Karaoke Party.
Johnny Logan would be rolling in his grave, had he know what  I've done to "What's Another Year" . Here are a few other contests on video.

2004 - Who´s Ya Maaaan ?

I could fall back and crack me head open !?!?!?!

looking for a nice punk to mess with me

SMILE - you're taking a picture of yourself :-))))

2005 - Diary of a Eurovision freak
Attend every bloody rehearsal and party at the Eurovision week.

PR for the Israeli song at Eurovision

2005 - This actually appeared in a teen-magazine in Ukraine, when I was camping out there for the Eurovision Song Contest.

2007 - Anybody looking for a threesome ?

Click to see my VIDEO adventures in Helsinki

2007 - I'm Gonna Push The Button

2008 - Trying to look 100% masculine maaaaaaan

Golden Brown, texture like sun (Jun2009)

For more picture, go here....

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