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Why Drink 'n Drive
if you can
Smoke 'n Fly ?

"Yes Sir, I'll have the plane back by five !"

It's a bird (no!), Its a plane (no!)... Its Zohar Super Shit ! (to the rescue..... oh oohhh)

AS hard as it may be to believe, going back about ten years ago, I was a pilot Once... Yeah, Much to the inconvenience of the air, the birds, the clouds.... and God, I guess !

I spent five years as an office worker in a Flying School in Israel.

I'm not the worst pilot in the world. OK, so one instructor faked a heart-attack to avoid teaching me, and another forged a business trip Nigeria, but I have improved ! ( a little )

So you´re cummin in or not ?

To date, Not a single crash, although I did once miss the runway in Eilat. The control tower replied ( in hebrew ) :
"Nice landing man, next time try the runway !

You're cleared to land, just aim for the ass !

"Zohar Rashit ! Will You please stop mooning the landers, and get your ass of the runway ! ? ! ?"

NO, photoshop did NOT do that to the backgound !

CLICK HERE to visit Erez´s outdated site !

With my dear friend fellow pilot Erez Raviv with a Checkian Zlin, somewhere on the Golan Heights.

" wow.... and then what happened...? "

Another day at work :
"Hey, our job is to run the office, not fly safe!"

Israel has got to be the worst place in the world to fly a private plane. The restricted military skies, the interrigating traffic control and senceless beurocracy enables our authorities to make flying as misserable as possible.

My superior officer in the Air Force crashed a Cesna plane with Israeli superstar Ofra Haza on board. He is the man who let me hold the stick every time I hitch-hiked a ride to the base with him, paving the way for me to become a pilot myself. After every landing I sang (to myself):
 "Alive Alive Alive, yes I'm still Alive"
(One of her songs, runner-up of Eurovision 1983)

You push the stick, the houses become bigger !
You pull the stick, the houses become smaller !
You keep on pulling, they become bigger again !

You push the stick and what exactly happen ?....... "don't Save a prayer for me now....

Lost Above Sea,
In March 2002 I flew to a soccer game in Cyprus, without a GPS or proper serviceable Navigation Aids. When reporting above a certain check-point on the Meditteranean (by calculations), the regional control centre replied (with heavy sarcasim in his voice):
"No You're Not ! We read you 22 miles off coarse" (the flight itself is only 154 miles!)

"See Sir, I re-collected all parts off the runway"

BeechCraft Bonanza : A cadilac of the air.
( think the boss is gonna let me take it away for the weekend ? )

Little brother, aren't you supposed to be flying ?

My brother & I on our way to another football match in Cyprus ( he's the single idiot in the world who loves to fly with me!). Oct 2002.

Are to... errr... look stupid?

What A Gang !
Erez, Oron & Myself - three pilots on the right wing of a Bonanza - yaaaikks - what a load !

through YouTube

BONANZA - we took a plane especially to film ourselves a music video. I flew, Erez was co-pilot, Oron and girlfreind in the backseat. Click HERE to download it

To the music of ¨Miserolou¨from Pulp Fiction


ZLIN - Custom made video especially for Erez site.. Oron was co-pilot and I in the backseat. Film.

To the music of AC/DC´s "HighWay To Hell"


HOW NOT TO FLY A BONANZA - Erez & Myself in a bad attempt to get airborn.
It's for reasons like this I shouldn't be a pilot !

CLICK TO VIEW - to the music of U2´s ¨Lemon¨¨


I WISH THAT I COULD FLY - My brother & I cruise the Haifa skies (2001))

CLICK- to the music of "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz



CLICK HERE for the same bullshit in Hebrew