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2004 - Typical pose for him, assuming authority !

FOUAD 1997 - 2010
He was truly the most amazing dog in the world. So beautiful, loveable, friendly, loyal and very intellegent. A pure masterpiece of dog perfection..... wait wait wait.... he was the most stubborn shit there is on the planet, BUT I LOVED HIM !

He´s Got so much love in his eyes

My mom got this ¨creature¨ at home, just a few days after my dad passed away (2001). My brother brought her something that will look exactly like our lately deceased dog, Dubi,  that we all so much loved. Well, he may look the same, but personality they are like the two ends of a compass. This dog is super smart, he  knew we loved him, he knew he´s adorable and he knew how to take well advantage of it !
But he is also returns all that love. The´re wasn´t a dull moment with him....

2006 - Percious Family Angel

Typical daily fight with this stubborn mammle !

A typical sit on the bench, overlooking traffic !

2006 Look into his angel eyes - a devil mask !